Dr. Sandeep Gupta


Principal’s Message:

Ramjas Sr. Sec. School No-5 Karol Bagh N.Delhi a name synonymous with quality education has reached the pinnacle by sheer dint of its academic ethos, strong value base and the nurturing of articulate and capable individuals. In the words of Albert Einstein, “School serves the living. It should develop in the young individuals those qualities and capabilities which are of value for the welfare of the commonwealth…………… and the training of independently acting and thinking individuals, who see in the service of the community their highest life problems”. Good education aims at nurturing the mind, fostering individuality and developing the personality. It is not merely to prepare the child for life, but to provide him with effective tools for living a fuller and happier life.

With some measure of satisfaction our school has been able to fulfill the desired role of a good school and has striven to fulfill the criteria of quality education, conform to all parameters, raise the bar and set new benchmarks. Our school is recognized as an institution par excellence under a forward looking chairman Mr. Raj kumar Gupta, a highly skilled and experienced manager Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, a well qualified and dedicated staff, ever helping parents and most loving and sincere students.The school has produced no. of scholars in the last 75 years who acquired notable success and prestigious positions in their vocations. ROBA-5 is a platform for such old students to repay the school and is functioning well.

Academic excellence aside, children are involved in various activities and competitions within and out side school precincts. Through their activities we make sure that each child gets a chance not only to explore his potential but also to nurture it. There by helping children to grow into responsible global citizens of tomorrow. With so much happening around Ramjas Sr. Sec. School No-5 moves on widening its horizons and is brimming with new experiences. I wish my all students a very best of luck for their future.


  • Ramjas Road , Karol Bagh NO.5
    New Delhi-110005
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